Prescott AZ Neighborhoods

Prescott Arizona Neighborhoods
The Best Prescott AZ Communities, Subdivisions and Housing Developments

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Alphabetic Listing of Homes or Lots for Sale in Prescott AZ
    Prescott Area Golf Communities         The Prescott Pines or Mountains           Master Planned Developments with Amenities      
      Prescott           Prescott           Prescott      
      Antelope Hills:  Homes | Lots           Brighton Hill Cottages:  Homes            Gardens at Willow Creek:  Homes | T-Homes      
      Golf Links:  Homes | Lots           Cathedral Pines:  Homes | Lots           Hassayampa:  Homes | Condos T-Homes | Lots      
      Hassayampa:  Homes | Condos T-Homes | Lots           Copper Canyon:  Homes  | Lots           Haisley Homestead:  Homes | T-Homes| Lots      
      Prescott Lakes:  Homes | Condos T-homes | Lots            Country Club:  Homes Lots           Hidden Valley Ranch:  Homes | T- Homes| Lots      
      Prescott Resort:  Town Homes           Forest Trails:  Homes | Lots           Prescott Lakes:  Homes | Condos T-homes | Lots      
      Williamson Valley           Haisley Homestead:  Homes | T-Homes| Lots           Timber Ridge:  Homes | Town Homes | Lots      
      Talking Rock:   Homes | Lots           Hassayampa: Homes | Condo Townhomes | Lots           Yavapai Hills:  Homes | Town Homes | Lots      
      Prescott Valley           The Heritage:  Homes | Lots           Williamson Valley      
      Prescott Country Club: Homes | T-Homes | Lots             Hidden Valley Ranch:  Homes | T- Homes| Lots           American Ranch:  Homes | Lots      
      Quailwood Meadows:   Homes | Townhomes           High Valley Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Talking Rock:  Homes | Lots      
      Stoneridge:   Homes | Townhomes | Lots           Kingswood:  Homes Lots           Prescott Valley      
                  Los Pinos:  Homes | Lots           Granville:  Homes | Town Homes      
      Prescott Area Gated Communities           Mile High:  Homes | Lots           Prescott Country Club Homes for Sale | Lots      
      Prescott           Mountain Club:  Homes | Lots           Pronghorn Ranch Homes for Sale | Lots      
      Gardens at Willow Creek:  Homes | T-Homes           Pine Knoll:  Homes | Lots           Quailwood Meadows Homes | Townhomes      
      The Canyons:  Homes | Lots           The Ranch:  Homes | Townhomes | Lots           Stoneridge Homes | Townhomes | Lots      
      Hassayampa:  Homes | Condos T-Homes | Lots           Rancho Vista:  Homes | Lots           Viewpoint Homes for Sale | Lots      
      High Valley Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Senator Heights:  Homes | Lots           Chino Valley      
      Prescott Lakes:  Homes | Condos T-homes | Lots           Summit Pointe: Homes | Lots           Brightstar Homes for Sale | Lots      
      The Ridge at Irons Springs:  Homes | Lots           Thumb Butte Estates: Homes | Lots           Highlands Ranch Homes for Sale | Lots      
      Santa Fe Springs:  Homes | Lots           Timber Creek:  Homes | Town Houses                  
      Timber Creek:  Homes            Timber Ridge:  Homes | Townhomes | Lots           If you are not familiar with the Prescott
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      Vista Del Cerro:  Homes | Lots           The Village: Homes                
      Williamson Valley           Williamson Valley                
      American Ranch:  Homes | Lots           American Ranch:  Homes | Lots                  
      Granite Oaks Estates:  Homes           Preserve at the Ranch:  Homes | Lots            "In the Boulders" Neighborhoods      
      Las Vegas Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Talking Rock:  Homes | Lots           Prescott      
      Long Meadow Ranch:  Homes | Lots                       The Canyons      
      Preserve at the Ranch:  Homes | Lots            Please Contact Us if you are not seeing
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          The Boulders at Crystal Creek      
      Talking Rock:  Homes | Lots                     The Boulders at Crystal Creek Houses | Lots      
      Prescott Valley                     Enchanted Canyon      
      Prescott Ridge: Homes | Lots                     The Preserve at Prescott      
      Victorian Estates:  Homes                     Southview      
      55 Plus Friendly Neighborhoods           Luxury Neighborhoods           Traditional Neighborhoods      
      Prescott           Prescott           Prescott      
      Gardens at Willow Creek:  Homes | T-Homes           Blackhawk: Homes | Lots            Blackhawk:  Houses | Lots      
      Hassayampa:  Homes | Condos T-Homes | Lots           Blooming Hills Estates Homes | Lots           Blooming Hills Estates:  Houses  | Lots      
      Haisley Homestead:  Homes | T-Homes| Lots           The Boulders at Crystal Creek Homes | Lots           The Boulders at Crystal Creek:  Houses | Lots      
      Hidden Valley Ranch:  Homes | T- Homes| Lots           Burnt Ranch Homes for Sale | Lots           Cathedral Pines:  Houses | Lots      
      Prescott Lakes:  Homes | Condos T-homes | Lots           The Canyons Homes for Sale | Lots for Sale           Cliff Rose:  Houses | Lots      
      Timber Ridge:  Homes | Town Homes | Lots           Cathedral Pines Homes for Sale | Lots           Cloudstone:  Houses | Lots      
      Yavapai Hills: Homes | Town Homes | Lots           Copper Canyon Homes  | Lots for Sale           Copper Canyon:  Houses | Lots      
       Prescott Valley           Creekside of Prescott Homes | Lots           Creekside of Prescott:  Houses | Lots      
      Granville:  Homes | Town Homes           Downtown Prescott Homes for Sale           The Crossings:  Houses | Lots      
      Prescott Country Club:  Homes | Lots           Enchanted Canyon Homes for Sale | Lots           Eagle Ridge:  Houses | Lots      
      Pronghorn Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Estancia Homes for Sale | Lots for Sale            Estancia:  Houses | Lots      
      Quailwood Meadows:  Homes | Townhomes           The Foothills Homes for Sale | Lots           The Foothills:  Houses | Lots      
      Stoneridge:  Homes | Townhomes | Lots           Foothill Meadows Homes for Sale           Foothill Meadows:  Houses      
      Viewpoint:  Homes | Lots           Forest Trails Homes for Sale | Lots for Sale           Forest Trails:  Houses | Lots      
      Victorian Estates:  Homes           Golf Links Homes for Sale | Lots for Sale           Golf Links:  Houses | Lots      
      Chino Valley           Hassayampa Homes | Condos T-Homes | Lots            Grandview Estates:  Houses | Lots      
      Brightstar:  Homes | Lots           The Heritage Homes for Sale | Lots for Sale           The Heritage:  Houses | Lots      
      Highlands Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Hidden Valley Ranch Homes | T- Homes| Lots           Ho Kay Gan Village:  Houses | Lots      
                  High Valley Ranch Homes for Sale | Lots           Horizon Hills:  Houses | Lots      
      Neighborhoods with New Homes           Ho Kay Gan Village Homes for Sale | Lots           Idywild:  Houses | Lots      
      Prescott           Idywild Homes for Sale | Lots           Kingswood:  Houses Lots      
      Brighton Hill Cottages:  New Construction           Kingswood Homes for Sale Lots           Los Pinos:  Houses      
      Prescott Lakes:  New Construction           Los Pinos Homes for Sale           Lynx Mountain View Estates:  Houses | Lots      
      The Preserve at Prescott:  New Construction           Lynx Mountain View Estates Homes | Lots           Mission Hills:  Houses | Condos | Lots      
      The Ridge at Iron Springs:  New Construction           Prescott Lakes Homes | Condos T-homes | Lots           Montana Estates:  Houses      
      Willow Hills:  New Construction           Prescott Highlands Homes for Sale | Lots           Mountain Club:  Houses | Lots      
      Yavapai Hills:  New Construction           The Preserve at Prescott Homes | Lots           Newport Heights:  Houses | Lots      
      Williamson Valley           The Ranch Homes | Townhomes | Lots           North Forty:  Houses | Lots      
      Inscription Canyon:  New Construction           The Ridge at Irons Springs Homes | Lots           Pinnacle Estates:  Houses | Lots      
      Talking Rock:  New Construction           Senator Heights Homes for Sale | Lots            Pinon Oaks:  Houses | Lots      
      Whispering Canyon:  New Construction           Shadow Valley Homes for Sale | Lots           Prescott Heights:  Houses Lots      
      Prescott Valley           Southview Homes for Sale | Lots           Prescott Highlands:  Houses | Lots      
      Granville:  New Construction            Stonegate Homes for Sale | Lots           The Preserve at Prescott:  Houses | Lots      
      Mingus Meadows:  New Construction           Summit Pointe Homes for Sale | Lots           Quail Hollow:  Houses | Lots      
      Prescott Country Club:  New Construction           Timber Creek Homes for Sale           The Ranch:  Houses | Townhomes | Lots      
      Pronghorn Ranch:  New Construction           Vista Del Cerro Homes for Sale | Lots           Rancho Vista:  Houses | Lots      
      Quailwood Meadows:  New Construction           Willow Creek Heights Homes | Lots           Sandretto Hills:  Houses      
      Stoneridge:  New Construction           Yakashba Homes for Sale | Lots           Santa Fe Village: Houses Lots      
      Viewpoint:  New Construction           Yavapai Hills Homes | Town Homes | Lots           Senator Heights: Houses | Lots      
      Chino Valley                       Summit Pointe:  Houses | Lots      
      Brightstar:  New Construction           We are happy to preview homes for you and send you any additional information you want. We are a full service team with two very experienced, knowledgeable, friendly buyers agents to focus on your needs. Learn more about us HERE.            The Village:  Houses       
      Highlands Ranch:  New Construction                     Vista Verde Estates:  Houses      
       Mollie Rae Estates: New Construction                     Willow Creek Heights:  Houses | Lots      
                            Willow Hills Estates:  Houses | Lots      
                            Yakashba:  Houses | Lots      
      Condos, Town Houses or Patio Homes    
      Brighton Hill Cottages           Hidden Valley Town Houses           Tanglewood Town Houses      
      Boulder Park Town Houses           Mission Hills Condos           Thumb Butte Town Houses      
      The Courtyards at Gardens at Willow Creek           Montana Terraces Condos           Timber Creek Town Houses      
      Forest Hylands Town Houses           Peregrine Town Houses           Timber Ridge Town Houses      
      The Gardens Patio Homes           Pine Creek Estates Condos           The Villas at Sunrise Terrace Homes      
      Gardener Cove Town Houses           Prescott Lakes Town Houses or Condos           Willow Cove Patio Homes      
      Haisley Homestead Town Houses           Prescott Resort at Antelope Hills           Yavapai Hills Town Houses      
      Hassayampa Town Houses or Condos           Santa Fe Springs:  Homes  | Lots                  
      Prescott Valley      
      Granville Town Houses           Quailwood Meadows Town Houses           Stoneridge Town Houses      
      Prescott Country Club Town Houses                              
    Williamson Valley      
      American Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Las Vegas Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Royal Oaks:  Homes | Lots      
      Blackjack Ridge:  Homes Lots           Long Meadow Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Sundown Acres:  Homes      
      Crossroads Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Longview:  Homes | Lots           Talking Rock:  Homes | Lots      
      Equestrian Estates:  Homes | Lots           Mint Creek:  Homes | Lots           Whispering Canyon:  Homes | Lots      
      Granite Mountain Homesites:  Homes | Lots           Morgan Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Williamson Valley Estates:  Homes | Lots      
      Granite Oaks:  Homes | Lots           North Arrow:  Homes | Lots           Williamson Valley Heights:  Homes | Lots      
      Granite Park Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Preserve at the Ranch:  Homes | Lots           Williamson Valley Ranch:  Homes | Lots      
      Inscription Canyon: Homes | Lots           Rancho Grande:  Homes for Sale | Lots                  
    Prescott Area Micro-Climates
A Guide to Prescott Neighborhood Locations

Downtown Prescott:  The heart of Prescott is the renown Courthouse Square surrounded by homes for sale in Prescott's historic district within walking distance of vibrant downtown Prescott. Many of these Prescott neighborhoods are well established, but new construction subdivisions with homes for sale are close by.

South West Prescott: Homes for sale in Southwest Prescott are nestled in the tall Pines neighborhoods which are close to the Prescott National Forest. These neighborhoods feature access to great hiking trails. Due to their mountain setting, many of the homes for sale in this wooded area of Prescott boast great views! Hassayampa Golf Community is the anchor of this part of Prescott and both traditional neighborhoods as well as multiple master planned communities are found here.

South East Prescott: The high desert area of Prescott, populated by our native juniper & cedar trees,  offers homes for sale with sweeping, panoramic views of the well known Prescott landmarks of Thumb Butte & Granite Mountain. Mostly traditional neighborhoods are found in this part of Prescott, but Yavapai Hills Master Planned Community is also situated in the high desert.

Central West Prescott:  Known for its dramatic boulder outcroppings and well treed neighborhoods, this area of Prescott offers multiple new home subdivisions. Homes for sale here boast rich architecture, some with unique high-rustic appeal, others with a more traditional feel.This area of Prescott showcases custom homes by a variety of builders.

Central East Prescott:  In this area of Prescott, home sites were established amongst the majestic Granite Dells Boulders. This unique area of town showcases "The Canyons" gated subdivision.

North Central Prescott: Known as The Prescott Highlands area, homes for sale here are set across rolling hills, many with open vistas of Willow Lake, The Granite Dells, Granite Mountain and Thumb Butte. Both established Prescott neighborhoods and new construction homes for sale are found here. Prescott Lakes is the dominate master planned community in this area.

North West Prescott: This highly treed area of Prescott offers both established neighborhoods, new construction homes for sale and a plethora  of custom home architecture. Juniper, Cedar, Cliff Rose, smaller pines and boulders offer a rich environment  for Prescott living. Hillside or hilltop homes may be found here, but the area also offers more level terrain, facilitating more traditional neighborhoods. 

Williamson Valley: The more prairie like feel of Williamson Valley makes this one of the more popular horse property areas with a variety of  'ranch' neighborhoods. But, as the prairie melds to more mountainous pined areas, there is also a variety of homes for sale for those simply looking for a more rural Prescott setting. The renown American Ranch and Talking Rock Ranch subdivisions are found in Williamson Valley.


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Best Prescott Neighborhoods Subdivisions Housing Developments
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